About the Forum

Agriculture and food security is now occupying center stage in the political economy of nations, the ability of a nation to ensure food and nutrition security at affordable and stable prices in an ecologically-sustainable manner will be critical in future. Emerging economies are increasingly looking forward to revamping farm sector to achieve inclusive, economic growth in a sustainable manner. 


In recent years, food security has also become the primary focus in international community in view of the volatility of agricultural product prices, the increase in demand, the variety and nutritional value of food, and the challenges posed by the effects of climate change. World food production needs to increase 70% by 2050 to meet the needs of a growing global population. Furthermore, 90% of this increase must come from developing countries.

The Asia-Africa AgriBusiness Forum will provide a huge opportunity for countries from Asia & Africa to strengthen cooperation and forge new partnerships in the agriculture and food processing sector. This initiative is another example of India’s commitment to the South-South cooperation initiative.

Asia-Africa AgriBusiness Forum will witness participation of industry leaders, decision makers, Agric Ministers’ and important stakeholders from Asia & Africa across the entire spectrum of agric and related sectors including inputs, farm machinery, processing, packaging etc to promote trade, investment and technology transfer.


Asia-Africa AgriBusiness Forum will include i) Plenary Sessions focusing on farm inputs, mechanization and extension services ii)  International Exhibition from India, Asia and Africa; iii) Pre-scheduled B2B meetings. A special Ministerial Session of Agriculture Ministers from Asia & Africa will lay the foundations of developing the joint framework for agricultural cooperation between the two continents.